I believe you already know Web Clipper and how great it is for saving online content, specially from LinkedIn, YouTube, Gmail etc. But to have it working as a strategic element of a task management system you’ll need to go a little further.

Changing note titles on the fly
When you clip an article, a YouTube video or other types of online content, it’s OK to keep the webpage title as the note title, but in some situations, specially for task management, renaming it will be a better move. For example, replacing long email titles with something shorter and easier to understand while catching a glimpse of your notes titles.

Just click the title (top) area on Web Clipper window before pressing the “Save" button and rename it. Of course note titles can be renamed afterwords, but if you have the ability to do it before, why not?

Setting alarms
Selecting a notebook and setting tags while clipping articles are good practices if you are using a tag based task management system, but did you know you can also set a Reminder? After pressing “Save", click on the clock icon and choose any date and time.

With just two simple actions while clipping, (1) rename “KDP Royalty Payment Notification — VLADIMIR CAMPOS(DZCPG)" to “Check deposit" and (2) set a Reminder, I transformed a payment notification email received from Amazon into a task.

I don’t actually use it to track royalty payments, it’s just an example, but I do clip project related emails, requests from clients and several other messages into my tasks management system. And the best part of it is the ability to quickly go back to the original email message.

Look for “Open conversation in Gmail" in the clipped note and click it. As long as you still have that email, you’ll be redirected to the original message in Gmail.

Skitch tools
If you miss Skitch, Web Clipper can be a powerful alternative. After pressing the elephant extension icon, choose the “Screenshot" option and you’ll have all Skitch tools available. Crop, annotate and then work on the note title and set an alarm like described above and voilà, the annotated image becomes a task.

Although Web Clipper works very well with several online services, I mainly use it with Gmail to send single messages or entire conversations to my task management system, but the possibilities are endless.

Imagine a team that uses Trello to manage a website project. Changes could be highlighted by Web Clipper and the note attached to a Trello card to be reviewed by the design or development team. The information stays organized inside Evernote and simultaneously available to others via Trello. By the way, something similar can also be done using the new Outlook add-in.

Works perfectly on Chromebooks
Evernote for Android runs seamlessly on Chrome OS but unfortunately it’s not a desktop experience even when working alongside with Evernote for Web. But since the Web Clipper extension is 100% web based it’s the perfect tool for Evernote users working on Chromebooks. You’ll be able to do everything you would normally do using the Chrome extension on a Mac or Windows PC. Including Skitch annotations!

Web Clipper is a powerful tool. Explore it because clipping is just a small part of what it can do for you…