I just came across the Business Insider animation bellow and thought it could enlighten some people that still believe global communications happen through satellites. Although that's not inaccurate, most of us surf the web and call abroad using a completely different infrastructure. There is a very good book from Professor Nicole Starosielski that explains in details how things really work.

The Undersea Network is based on extensive research and the narrative follows the cable path. First the stations and how they were build to protect information during the Cold War and then you'll travel all over the world learning how the cables (and networks) are planned, insulated, laid on the sea floor and protected from marine life, ships, pirates, fishermen and others. And, of course, recycled. You'll be amazed with some of the ideas to repurpose the cables. It's quite an adventure. You learn while virtually traveling the world.

And since we are on the subject, take a look at this documentary about Cyrus West Field, the man behind the incredible achievement of connecting the United Sates and Europe via the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

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